Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program – OINP

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program – OINP

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is designed for the skilled workers, graduates and entrepreneurs who want to work and permanently settle in Ontario, Canada. The program is designed in partnership with the Government of Canada through IRCC, for making an impact on the economy of the local market of Ontario.

Foreign workers, students and other experienced skilled workers can apply for Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. The applicant must be ready to work and settle in Ontario. Interested applicants must have skill and experience for an in-demand occupation for steering the economy of Ontario towards right path.

There are three ways to qualify for OINP


For the workers who have a permanent job offer from Ontario employer. The employer may offer job in three streams

  1. Foreign worker stream :   Job offered for workers in skilled position

  2. International student stream :   Job offered for recent graduates in Ontario

  3. In-Demand skills stream :   Job offered for skilled workers in specific sectors such as agriculture, construction, trucking and personal support workers


This stream allows individuals who have relevant skills, educational qualification and work experience to be nominated to work and settle in the Ontario province with family. Candidates must have a full-time or part-time job experience in a NOC skill level 0, A or B. Candidate also should have English or French proficiency.

This category can be sub-categorized as

  1. Ontario Express Entry stream :   Workers who have valuable work experience, education, language skills and profile in Canada’s Express Entry system. To qualify under this stream, the individual must have received a notification of interest from Ontario.

  2. Graduate students stream :   To qualify under the Masters Graduate or Ph.D Graduate streams, the student should have a graduate degree from an .eligible Ontario university and apply within two years of getting the degree.


Business category is for entrepreneurs who look forward to starting a new business or buy an active existing business in Ontario. Application in this category is done through two streams

  1. Entrepreneur stream :   This stream aims to attract the immigrants to establish or purchase an existing active business in Ontario.

  2. Corporate stream :   This stream helps and supports existing establishments by international bodies looking forward to the expansion of the business in Ontario.


Processing time for OINP

Processing time is different for each stream. Processing time for application of Masters Graduate, Ph.D graduate and Express Entry for skilled trades usually take between 30 to 60 days.

Employer job offer categories and express entry for French-speaking workers and human capital programs typically require 60 to 90 days to process. The processing time for entrepreneur and corporate streams under OINP depends on the type of business and application submitted.

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