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At Patel Canada Visa Consultancy we’re renowned as the experts in immigration assistance as well as the professional source for all your Canadian immigration process needs.

We take the time to cut through the red tape that comes with incoming immigration irrespective of country. As result, our expertise covers Canadian immigration matters at their most fundamental and offers full guidance for those wishing to enter Canada on both a permanent and temporary basis.

With you every step of the way:

Through the provision of interpretation and illustration to those who seek a Canadian visa, Patel Canada Visa Consultancy is positioned to assist overseas nationals achieve entry to the country in the most effective manner.

From immigration applications for Permanent Resident via Federal Skilled Program to Student & Super visa’s we help you make your relocation a success in one of the most beautiful regions that North America has to offer.

How we can help you: 

Beginning with introduction our services help all entrants long after initial entry to ensure their new lives or short stay are a success.

We do this by tracking changes with work permit areas and occupational classifications (NOC, LMIA. etc.) along with facilitating sponsorships and Business Visa for investors, entrepreneurs and the self-employed. Ultimately we handle all the immigration & visa prerequisites that can be found on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada(CIC) site.

You’re restassured:

We appreciate the commitment, the capital and even the courage that it takes to immigrate. That’s why our paralegal staff strives to make sure that each case document is presented to the CIC as sound evidence to gain entry.

You’re in safe hands:

As ICCRC registered proprietor PARULBEN PATEL is at the helm of company that works across continents – with a highly dedicated and experienced visa and immigration paralegal workforce that’s based in Canada and India.

Patel Canada Visa Consultancy continues grow in tandem with each and every successful entry to Canada. In essence, the foundations of our growth are people.

The skilled people that we choose to employ and the people that we assist to immigrate are all indicative of our innovative approach to visa’s & immigration.

For more information get in touch with us today. We’ll be in contact within 24 hrs to lead the way to your new life in Canada.

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