Nova Scotia Nominee Program – NSNP

Nova Scotia Nominee Program – NSNP

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program is also known as Scotia PNP. The program empowers Province of Nova Scotia to nominate the experienced and skilled individuals who wish to immigrate to the Province of Nova Scotia.

NSNP has five immigration streams -

Through Express Entry

The stream is aligned to the Express Entry Immigration selection system for skilled and qualified individual with the ability to contribute to the economic growth of Nova Scotia.

Through Express Entry

The stream uses Express Entry Immigration selection system which provides a pathway to permanent residence for highly skilled applicants who have already worked for an employer in Nova Scotia for a minimum of 1 year.

Worker Stream

The stream is for candidates who have received a job offer from a Nova Scotia employer.


The stream is for candidates who want to set up or take over an existing business and settle permanently in Nova Scotia.

Entrepreneur Stream

The stream is for graduates who have completed at least 2 years of full-time study from Nova Scotia University or community college.

Eligibility requirements:

Eligibility requirements vary as per the pathway selected by the applicant. We at Patel Canada Visa are glad to help you with the details of all the documents and requirements need to apply for Nova Scotia PNP.

The general requirements are

  • Travel documents – passport

  • Recent medical reports

  • Have security clearance and police report

  • Should have sufficient funds to support self and dependents after arriving in the Province of Nova Scotia.

  • Relevant education, training, qualifications

  • Licensing or accreditation needed to perform the job or business

  • Appropriate work experience for the job

  • Intent to settle in Nova Scotia


Processing time

A simple and relatively faster application process has been designed for Nova Scotia PNP. The average time to complete the NSPNP process is between 3- 6 months, depending on the application process and pathway chosen.

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