Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program – MPNP

Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program – MPNP

MPNP is the immigration program done by the province of Manitoba. Under this program Manitoba can nominate the qualified applicants of skilled workers, foreign graduates and entrepreneurs to work and settle in Manitoba which will have a positive impact on the Manitoba economy.

The fifth most populous territory in Canada is Manitoba. The main industries in Manitoba are agriculture, energy and environment, financial services, insurance, mining and much more. With huge number of job opportunities available in Manitoba, MPNP programs help in a positive outcome for experienced workers and graduates every year.

Education Stream

    This stream is geared towards international graduates of post-secondary institutions in the province who meet the eligibility criteria for various pathways:

    1. Career Employment Pathway

    2. Graduate Internship Pathway

    3. International Student Entrepreneur Pilot

Investor Stream

    This stream allows the province to recruit and nominate eligible foreign business owners who are intending to move to Manitoba to establish, purchase a business or co-own an existing business in Manitoba.
Workers Stream

    The eligible internationally trained and skilled workers should complete a series of online questions and submit the profile into the Expression of Interest (EOI) pool which contains other eligible candidates’ profiles as well. The applicant will receive the score based on the answers provided. MPNP will then rank based on several factors and the highest scoring candidates will be invited to submit application to MPNP.

    The best part of EOI is there are no limitations to number of number of candidates who can submit an Expression of Interest and no deadline.

    There are two sub-categories under skilled workers stream:

    1. Skilled workers in Manitoba :   Qualified temporary workers and international student graduates who are currently working in Manitoba and those who have been offered a permanent full time job by an employer in Manitoba can submit application.

      • Manitoba work experience pathway : This pathway is open to applicants currently working in Manitoba with temporary work permits.

      • Employer Direct Recruitment pathway : This pathway is open to applicants interviewed by Manitoba employers outside of Canada by the MPNP or an eligible employer. The applicant should receive an Invitation to Apply for a provincial nomination from the MPNP.

    2. Skilled workers Overseas :   This stream uses point based system to assess candidates, who may be from outside Canada. Application is accepted from qualified workers who has strong connection to the province of Manitoba through family or friends, who has had education or Manitoba work experience or by invitation of MPNP.

      • Manitoba Express Entry pathway : The pathway is open to Express Entry candidates who are eligible under another MPNP stream.

      • Human Capital pathway : pathway will be open to foreign skilled workers with experience in in-demand occupations in Manitoba and those who demonstrate the ability to potentially establish themselves by building strong labor market connections for those occupations.

The two pathways under this stream are:

  1. The Entrepreneur Pathway for applicant intending to open a business in Manitoba; and

  2. The Farm Investor Pathway for those intending to establish and operate farms in rural Manitoba.


Processing time

The processing time for MPNP takes up to 4 months. However, the applications would be verified at state as well as federal level and the average processing time is between 12 to 15 months for entire process to be fulfilled.

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