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Family Sponsorship – Great Opportunity to Bring your Near and Dear Ones to Canada

Canada is a flourishing country and provides an array of opportunities to its citizens and permanent residents. The country also welcomes family members of its people from all over the world. In recent year, with a change in policy, more numbers of people can take advantage to get immigration.

People living in Canada as permanent residents or Canadian Citizens can sponsor their close family members for immigration to Canada. It needs to meet certain immigration requirement for both sponsored family member(s) as well as the sponsor in Canada in order to get Family Sponsorship. The requirement varies from one program to other and depends on the program a sponsor applies for.

To get eligible for family sponsorship, the relation between a sponsor and sponsored person(s) must be

– Dependent Child or
– Parents or grandparents or
– Spouse or
– conjugal partner or
– common-law partner or
– Intended adopted child below age of 18 years or
– unmarried, Orphaned and below age of 18 years grandchild, sister, brother, niece, nephew or
– Other eligible relatives [in case, relationship of sponsored person(s) does not matched with the above mentioned list.

Responsibility as a Sponsor

Sponsors needs to undertake their responsibility for the members sponsored by them

– They must provide shelter, cloths, food and day-to-day basic requirement for living.
– Health needs including eye and dental care which will not be covered by public health services.

[It is essential if the sponsored person(s) are unable to manage their own needs.]

Essential Criteria for the Sponsor

In addition to the essential financial ability, sponsors of Canada need to eligible with following criteria.

– Their age is at least 18 years or more and they becomes a permanent resident or Canadian citizen.
– They must not in a prison or having any undischarged bankrupt.
– If they are PR than not under a removal order.
– Other than the disability, they must not receive any government welfare assistance.
– They must not default by court-ordered for payment support to child or ex-spouse.
– They must not unable to pay immigration loans or other loans.
– Sponsors other than Canadian citizens must leave in Canada at the time of sponsored person(s) lands in Canada.
– Sponsor must not be sexual offence or other convict in the five years from the date of application.

Where to Submit an Application

The application for the sponsorship will be submitted to the Canadian Immigration Case Processing Centre in case, if the application needs to be processed from a country other than Canada. The center is located in Mississauga, Ontario. In case, to apply within Canada, it needs to submit to the Canadian Immigration Case Processing Centre which is situated in Vegreville, Alberta.

If you are living in Canada and want to sponsor your close family members or other relatives, it’s a right time to start your process. Before apply to any program, you need to carefully study all criteria essential to eligible as a sponsor and sponsored person(s). If you have any query, you can contact any expert visa consultant who can provide you accurate information to proceed further to apply for family sponsorship.