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Provincial Nomination Program - Yukon

Known as one of the historical places in Canada, Yukon has become popular because of the famous Klondike Gold Rush in 1987. Yukon is situated on the northwest part of Canada. Its strategic location has made the land a center for mining and tourism in Canada. It has a population of over 34,000 people. Whitehorse, its capital, is the densest part of the region. If you want to build a strong and lasting tie in a community, then Yukon is the best place for you. Built with the best sceneries in the world, Yukon is a one-of-a-kind place.

Yukon’s Provincial Nominee Program would allow prospect immigrants to settle permanently in the province. Henceforth, eligible applicants like workers, professionals, and skilled graduates, will be able to be of service to this great province for most of their lives.  The Provincial Nomination Program of Yukon is composed of three streams: Skilled Worker Stream, Critical Impact Worker Stream and the Business Nominee Program. Each stream represents different individual categories with their corresponding requirements for eligibility. Skilled Worker Stream This stream is for foreign workers who are sponsored by Yukon Employers. Sponsored workers must also have their occupation classified as one of a certain skill level by the Canadian government. Employers must be able to meet the requirements in order to qualify in the program. The employer must be a registered and operating a business in the Yukon for at least one year. Also, the employer can be a recognized body in Yukon. It is important that the employer meets labor standards and must provide proof of registration in Yukon’s corporate registry. The employer must also be able to provide applicants benefits that a Yukon resident is entitled to like a health insurance. The wage must as well pass the wage requirements in the Province. Travel expenses in going in and outside Yukon must be offered by the employer. The applying skilled worker must also possess education or work experience that is suited for the applied job. In terms of job experience, the applicant must at least have a year of related work experience. High language proficiency is required. The applicant must be a legal resident of Canada. But if you are a foreign national studying in Canada, he or she must provide proof of study. Critical Impact Worker Stream This category is for workers for immigration that are high demand in the territory. Employers will be able to acquire their vital workers in the province as permanent resident. The applicant is not necessary to be in the province during the time of application. The employer applying for this category must have their businesses registered and operating in Yukon for at least one year. The employer can also be a recognized government body in the Yukon. It is important that the business meet minimum labor and wage standards as well as capable of providing the nominees, free of charge, health insurance that gives similar coverage to what a Yukon resident would receive. This must be provided until nominee is eligible for government health benefits. Like the previous requirement, the employer must be able to pay cost of travel for the nominee to enter the territory as well as pay the exit fare once the applicant does not obtain permanent residency. The applicant must have sufficient education and at least six months of related work experience. High language proficiency is recommended. The applicant must provide documents or evidence of residence in the country like a study permit or citizenship proof. Business Nominee Program This category is created for individuals who want to start a new business, partner with an existing business or purchase and operate an existing business in Yukon. It is important that the individual make a significant investment in their business in Yukon. The eligible applicant must have a minimum of five years of senior management or entrepreneurial experience in a business similar to the one proposed in the Yukon. The applicant should have aa minimum net worth of $250,000, with minimum liquid assets of $150,000.  The applicant must possess a knowledge and understanding about the territory and its welfare. That is why a visit in Yukon, together with a YNP program officer in the Business and Industry Development Branch is required. The applicant must have reasonable communication skills in English or French. The program prioritizes sectors like IT, manufacturing, value-added processing, tourism, and forestry.