What are the things you should consider while searching for the right immigration consultant?

Migrating to Canada in itself is a big thing and hence, choosing the right immigration consultant for you is bigger. The world is full of licensed as well as unlicensed consultants; hence you must get the best Canadian immigration consultants in Canada. Since he helps you right from the scratch, an intellectual and experienced immigration consultant for Canada is a must. Below mentioned are the five important points that should be considered while you look for an immigration consultant.

1. Check their credentials

The process of immigration to Calgary/Canada is not at all easy. It involves a lot of formalities doing which is not everyone's cup of tea. Hence, you need to appoint an authenticated consultant for your immigration process. Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) features consultants who have completed an immigration consultant diploma program. Good consultants are also members of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC). Make sure the consultant you choose belongs to these groups.

2. Ask for references

References are a must to have especially when it comes to professional work. Meeting a person once or twice may make you feel ok with it but you must ask them for references. You can get to know about their services and sincerity from their previous work and clients. Ask them if they faced any issues in working with them. It also helps in knowing whether the consultant is fake or genuine. This 'fraud agent alert' in Calgary/Canada helps you in protecting your money, documents, and most importantly the losing opportunity of being eligible for the visa.

3. Check online reviews

You can always look for online reviews of the best Canadian immigration consultants in Canada to check their authenticity and reputation. Star rating and comments on Google help a lot in knowing about their work. Go through their website; it helps in knowing about the company goals, mission, and values. Reputed and experienced visa consultancies do receive recognition and awards for their services; check whether your selected one has received any.

4. Be ready with your questions

You need to be prepared with your list of questions and you shall not even hesitate in asking the same as it's about your future. Any immigration application that gets rejected would cost you ample time, money, and a disheartening experience. You shall look for some other skills too, other than the certificate and diploma degree. For example, you can give him some situations and ask for his reaction. Ask them about the time within which they respond to the queries raised by their clients.


You must make good research about immigration consultant for Canada if you're applying for the same. Check their experience and knowledge regarding laws, costs, timelines, and documentation. Keep yourself at bay from agencies that offer job security in Calgary because none in this world can do that. Patel Canada Visa Consultancy Inc offers the best services in Calgary, Alberta regarding your visa application.