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The Canada immigration express entry is one of the newest pathways for anyone looking to migrate to Canada and seek a new life. The Express entry organizes as well as processes applications for those individuals who wish to move down to Canada and along with that want to become a Canadian citizen. Three different immigration programs fall under the express entry which can be enumerated as: the federal skilled trades program, the federal skilled worker program, and the Canadian experience class. Below are requirements that are asked for express Canadian immigration, let’s have a look:

1. Eligibility for Express Canada Immigration

To get your express entry thorough you should make sure you fit in the category of express entry. Some of the basic eligibility criteria are that you would have to appear for an exam which would prove you of English or French, you should score at least 67 points, have good medical health, you should eligible of clearing off your debts etc.

2. Requirements for Federal Skilled Worker

The basic minimum requirement of a federal skilled worker is first and important being work experience the candidate should have at least 1 year of work experience of paid full-time work. After that, the candidate should have the ability to score 7 bands in English or French in writing, reading and speaking. Lastly, the candidate should possess a diploma or degree equivalent to a Canadian school or post-secondary institution.

3. Requirements for Federal Skilled Trades

Anyone who wants to apply under this should have work experience not less than two years of paid work full-time, other than this your requirements should meet the National occupational classification. The candidate must possess a job offers or a qualification certification. Lastly, the candidate should have language ability with listening, speaking, writing, reading starting from level 5 to level 4 respectively.

4. Minimum Basic Requirements for Canadian Experience Class

For the Canadian experience class, the candidate must keep a few points in mind such as the work experience should be a full-time paid job in the last three years in skill type 0 level A or B that falls under NOC. After that, your language ability should be marked 7 benchmarks in either English or French. Lastly the proof of funds, basically tells the government that you have sufficient funds with which you can suffice your stay in Canada.


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