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Who doesn’t want to live with their partner? Often it happens that one falls in love or wants to marry someone who does not belong to the same country. In such cases, the partner must get citizenship in their country. When trying to apply to be a citizen as someone’s spouse, certain criteria are needed to be fulfilled, without which one cannot become a citizen. Canada allows a spousal sponsorship visa for anyone whose partner is not a citizen of Canada.

Eligibility Guidelines to get a Spousal Sponsorship Visa in Canada

Certain points claim one is eligible to sponsor their partner’s visa in Canada.

  • Citizenship

The first and most important criteria are that the person has to be a permanent inhabitant of Canada or has Canadian citizenship. If the person does not belong to either of these, it will lead to the termination of the Spouse Sponsorship Visa of Canada application.

  • Age Criteria

Another most important criterion that one has to have to make their spouse a citizen of Canada through the Spousal Sponsorship Canada Visa Canada is that they have to be at least 18 years of age. Eighteen years or above is the age criteria that allows one to apply for the spouse sponsorship in the first place.

  • No Criminal Record

A very common eligibility that is asked for during applying for absolutely anything is no criminal offense record. The person applying for the Spouse Sponsorship Visa of Canada to help their partner become a country citizen must not have any record of a criminal offense. It will be thoroughly investigated and verified whether the person has a clean police record or not before their application is approved.

  • Not applied for Spouse Sponsorship in the last five years

Another criterion that one has to keep in mind while applying is that the partner in need of citizenship must not have a record of applying for the same Spouse Sponsorship Visa of Canada within the last five years. If the person has a record of applying for the sponsorship in the last five years, it will lead to the termination of the application, and it won’t get approved. Only if the person can provide legitimate financial proof supporting the cause can it help in processing the application again.


In recent years it has been noticed that usually, the approval of the Spouse Sponsorship Visa Canada takes duration of about 12 months, which might get extended at times. Several immigration Consultants guide people. Patel Canada Visa Consultancy Inc is one great consultancy agency that can guide you in applying for this sponsorship. Make sure that you are eligible before applying for the sponsorship.