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Nowadays, countries across the world are highly focused on athletics. If you are planning to develop your career as an athlete, you should not ignore the opportunities as a Self-Employed Athlete in Canada.

One of the two main categories of people who are qualified to move to Canada under the federal Self-employed Program is athletes and professionals who work in the athletic industry, such as coaches and referees. Many candidates ignore the immigration options in Canada that allow for self-employment under this category. The Self-employed Program allows those who are involved in athletics and cultural activities to immigrate to Canada.

There is a high demand for athletes around the country. A Canadian permanent residency visa can be easily obtained with or without a job offer and you can easily migrate to Canada if you are an athlete and have been employed as one.

In this blog, we will discuss the basic description of this program, the experience, and the eligibility criteria required.

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Self-employed athlete – Brief

A self-employed person in athletics is defined by subsection 88(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR). This act provides guidelines on their relevant experience, their intention and capacity to be self-employed in Canada, and their significant economic contribution to Canada with respect to their self-employment activities.


The self-employed person must satisfy any of the below conditions:

    1. Possess the necessary skills and expertise to make a substantial contribution to Canadian sports or culture.
    2. Possessing the desire and capacity to purchase and run a farm or farms in Canada. Possessing experience in the agricultural sector.
    3. The experience of the applicant is crucial; you should have minimum two years of experience in the five years immediately prior to the application date.
    4. Participation in international cultural and sporting events will be considered an experience

The applicant must also meet additional requirements, such as passing medical tests, demonstrating compliance with security measures mandated by the Canadian government, and demonstrating that they have enough savings to cover their expenses and the expenses of their family members while they are in Canada.

    1. Additionally, he must show that he has the resources to expand the economic activity related to his field of competence.
    2. The candidate must be assessed using the business people’s points system. You must obtain at least 35 points to proceed.

Selection points:

To become an athlete and immigrate to Canada as a self-employed person, applicants must fulfill the three requirements listed below. The applicant will not be granted Canadian permanent residency if they fail to meet any of the requirements listed below.

    1. They must fulfil all criteria for applicants who are self-employed (i.e., the experience required, the intention and ability, and the significant contribution).
    2. They must obtain at least 35 out of a possible 100 points.
    3. They cannot enter Canada for reasons related to safety, criminality, finances, or health (both the applicant and their dependent family members)

This category of applicants should be aware of the following:

    1. Up to 25 points for education
    2. Work experience: 35 points maximum
    3. Up to 10 points of age
    4. Proficiency in either French or English: up to 24 points
    5. Adaptability: up to 6 points

An individual will obtain the minimum 35 points necessary if they have five years of self-employment experience and won’t need points from the other categories. Any claim made by a person stating their degree of proficiency in either English or French must be supported by results from an accepted exam, such as the IELTS General or CELPIP for English and the TEF for French.


Canada gives huge opportunities and respect to self-employed athlete. If you are interested in a great career as an athlete, grab this opportunity to Immigrate to Canada as a Self-Employed Athlete and connect with the best visa consultant for Canada immediately.