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Canada Visitor Visa


The Canadian visa process is challenging, in the sense, that it involves a lot of paperwork and research involved. With the understanding of the Canadian authorities and selection process, the applicants can successfully get the visa to Canada for work, study or visit.

For the economic growth of the country, the Canadian government invites skilled and experienced individuals to live and settle in Canada. Depending upon the objectives and requirements of the employer, there are different ways of obtaining a Canadian visa and permanent residency for a potential candidate such as Temporary Visa, Study Visa, Work Visa, Provinces Nominee Program and Permanent Resident.

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Expression of Interest

Expression of Interest is the way of showing the intention of the individual
to immigrate to Canada by the candidate. Expression of Interest is done by
creating an online profile and filling out all the necessary details such as
official language (English and French) proficiency, level of education, skills
acquired, work experience and personal information.

The online profile places the profile in the Express Entry pool,
from where the employer will nominate the eligible applicants
for the related job depending upon the skills and qualifications
updated in the profile.

The Canadian citizens or permanent residents will be able to sponsor the family or dependents to migrate and settle in Canada. There are different sponsorship
programs such as family sponsorship, spouse sponsorship, child sponsorship, and parent and grandparents sponsorship programs.

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