Top 4 Misconceptions About the Immigration Consultant To Migrate Canada

Canada is one of the best destinations when you want to study or expand your career opportunities. However, getting into Canada is not the easiest process. Also, it is not impossible as well. With so many processes, many people tend to believe various myths that have surfaced over the years. If you plan to migrate to Canada, you should be aware of these myths and follow the right direction to have an easy migration process and choose the best consultant for Canada Myth 1: Immigration Decision Is Final  When the immigration consultant rejects your application, rest assured that you have lost all the chances of entering the country. However, have in mind that most immigration decisions will be appealed. It means that you can seek guidance from any other immigration consultants to help you with the case. Thus, you can enter the country easily.  Myth 2: Return Home if Application Is Denied  If your refugee application is rejected, it does not mean that you should quit trying to move to Canada or its places like Calgary. Although you can still file an appeal, there are several exceptions regarding who can file and the reasons behind it. This is where the role of the best immigration consultant for Canada is. They will be technically strong, and they can help you with all such aspects.  Myth 3: It Is Possible To Become The Citizen of Canada When You Marry A Canadian  Marrying a citizen of Canada does not mean that you will be granted permanent residency or citizenship of the country. It is the process that means you have to apply for the spousal sponsorship following the marriage, and the spouse needs to meet all the requirements. Your spouse should be more than 18 years, and you should prove that they can offer you for at least 3 years. There are also some guidelines for the relationship to satisfy.  Myth 4: You Should Have A Permanent Job to Apply For Residency  Most people think they need a job offer to become a permanent resident in Canada. However. Most immigration programs do not ask for such job offers. Instead, they look for experience in their respective fields or occupations. Also, there is not the only avenue to get permanent residency in Canada as there are many ways to enter into the country even without a job offer. You can consult with the Canada work visa consultants for more information.  The bottom line  Thus, you might have got the necessary information about the top list of myths you misunderstood about the Canada pr consultantsEnsure you are aware of the right information and move to Canada without any hassles.