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Super Visa – The Most Favourable Option to bring your Parents and Grandparents to live with you in Canada

If you are working in Canada and if you are eagerly waiting to bring your parents and grandparents to stay and live with you, then there are one another good option known as a Super Visa program. Under this program, Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada can apply to bring them with certain requirements.

In this type of visa, successful applicants will get a multiple entry visitor visa of 10 years. It makes possible for you to stay longer with your parents in Canada. Under this visa, the parents and grandparents will allow to visit Canada for up to two consecutive years of period at a time. During this time they don’t need to renew their status. The duration of visa is valid for 10 years and it allows re-entry during this period.

The Requirements to apply for the Super Visa

In this visa, dependents cannot apply.  Only permanent residents or Canadian citizen’s parents as well as grandparents and their common-law partners or spouses can apply under this visa program with certain requirements as follows.

  • They must be the permanent residents of Canada or Canadian citizen’s parents as well as grandparents
  • Successfully attended an immigration medical exam
  • They must be legitimate to Canada and meet certain conditions.
  • Need to submit proof in written that the sponsor will provide complete financial support and he/she meets the limits of minimum incomes.
  • Need to buy private medical insurance for one year coverage from any valid insurance company.

Moreover, visa officers also consider many things before allowing you to come to Canada.  They need assurance that you are a real visitor of Canada and will leave the country at the end of your visit. They also consider some aspects before allow you to enter such as

  1. ) Your visit’s purpose
  2. ) Your ties with your home country
  3. ) Your financial stability and family
  4. ) An invitation from a sponsor [ Canadian]
  5. ) The overall strength of political and economic condition of your home country

How to Apply for Super Visa

To apply for the super visa, the application process is same as for regular temporary residential visa. Moreover, it requires additional documentation to make sure that parents or grandparents will be supported completely during their visit in Canada. They need

  • An invitation letter from the sponsor [child or grandchild] living in Canada
  • Relationship proof such as a birth certificate with names as a parent
  • Financial proof that shows the sponsor meets the minimum low income cut-off (LICO)
  • Document of insurance coverage as mentioned above

Depending on the place of application submission, additional documents are required. You can fill free online assessment form also to know your eligibility to apply for this visa or you can contact any expert visa consultant with knowledge about latest visa information and amendments.