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It is the dream of many students to study in Canada, and the reason is obvious. When we talk about education, Canada is considered one of the best countries in the world. Apart from being a beautiful place to live, this country ranks high in education. Canada hosts millions of overseas students, and the demand is increasing consistently. By offering the best education opportunities, Canada also has an affordable education cost.

Canada Student Visa:

To start with, Canada Student Visa is a visa for international students who want to pursue their studies in any educational institution in Canada. Despite being a single-entry visa, this also allows you to enter or leave Canada at any time of the year. As per this visa, the length of the stay depends on the program or degree the student is opting for. During the entire degree program, the student visa permit holder can stay in Canada.

Why obtain Canada Student Visa?

Canada Student Visa authorizes the student to stay in Canada and study at the designated learning institution (DLI) or any other recognized Canadian educational institution. The institute must be authorized to accept international students and get recognition from The Canadian government system for DLIs. The applicant needs to check whether the institution falls under the DLIs. Else, the visa will be canceled or revoked.

Documents required to apply for Canada Student Visa?

Before applying for the student visa, the applicant must know the requirements and have all the necessary documents. It is advisable to go through the checklist and gather all the required papers mentioned below.

  1. Letter of acceptance from the designated learning institution (DLI).
  2. A valid passport to stay in Canada…
  3. Plan your studies
  4. Medical exam details for immigration
  5. A police verification certificate to ensure that the applicant does not have any criminal record
  6. Financial documents support your ability to pay the necessary expenses like tuition fees, expenses for living, and travel costs. This includes your entire stay in Canada.

How to apply?

There are certain steps to follow while applying for the student visa to Canada.

Letter of acceptance:

Before applying for the student visa, the applicant must obtain a letter of acceptance from a recognized educational institution. If the institution is in Quebec, then you need to get an additional certificate of acceptance or CAQ. You can request your institute to provide this in paper form or get it online.

Application for Visa:

In the next step, you need to apply on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website. After checking your eligibility, the further process will start, which may take some time.

Getting Temporary Residence Permit:

When you are applying for a student visa, in some cases, you also need to apply for the Temporary Residence Permit.

Document submission and fee payment:

The final step is to submit all the necessary documents, application forms, and fee to the Canada Immigration website. It is advisable to submit the documents early as the student visa processing time may take up to 90 days.


Though getting a student visa to Canada is tough and time taking, with clear documents, patience, and little assistance from the best student visa consultant for Canada, you can start your student journey in Canada.