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Canadian Immigration Entrepreneur Program is a specially designed program to attract entrepreneurs across the world to migrate with their innovation and technology filled business idea which allows them permanently settled with family for their own business purposes. People who are planning or capable of owning, managing, and running business activity in Canada, are encouraged by this program.

Skills and Qualities:

Canadian Immigration Entrepreneur Program is a great way to permanently settle and perform business in Canada. But you need to have some skillsets and qualities as an entrepreneur. Some of them are

  • 1. Leader qualities and temperament
  • 2. Willingness to experiment with new ideas and ability to take risks
  • 3. Hunger to create new businesses
  • 4. Significant work capability
  • 5. Predictability
  • 6. Problem-solving capability
  • 7. good self-confidence.
  • 8. Great communication skills
  • 9. good adaptability

Why Start up – Incubator program?

The aim of this program is to help create job opportunities for Canadian people through entrepreneurs from outside Canada. As per Canadian research, the immigration of entrepreneurs is highly required for the country’s economic growth, and it can positively impact society as well. Therefore, a specially designed program is essential so that international entrepreneurs with proper skills and qualifications get attracted to migrate to Canada and start a innovative business. In turn, this will create new work opportunities for Canadian people and boost the growth of the country.

Canada Business Startup Visa Program gives the opportunity to interest business-minded people across the globe by eliminating the challenges. It has some set specific criteria which articulate the exact requirements helping to reduce the ambiguities.

Application criteria:

Though the Canadian Immigration Entrepreneur Program criteria are friendly for the applicants, there are some critical points that the applicants must adhere to. Below are some major criteria for applying for this program.

  • 1. The applicant must have a business that is aligned with the program requirement. Here the eligible business means
  • 2. The business is supported by any designated Canadian organization
  • 3. After getting support or commitment from the Canadian business group to back up the business project, the candidate gets the voting rights of more than 10% or more at that time.
  • 4. Getting a letter of support from a designated Canadian organization is mandatory.
  • 5. The applicant must carry sufficient funds to settle in Canada.
  • 6. It is essential to meet the language requirements. The applicant must have mastery in any of the two official languages (French and English)
  • 7. The candidate must operate and manage the business continuously and actively while staying in Canada. It is an essential part of the program.

The procedure of getting an authorization letter from a Canadian designated organization:

Before initiating the process of immigration under this program, the candidate should approach the designated start up supported organization and convince them about the potential and benefits of getting an authorization letter. This letter of support will work as proof for the candidate or entrepreneur that is required to submit during the immigration process.

During the process of permanent residence under the Canadian Immigration Entrepreneur Program, the applicant can apply for a temporary work permit which can be used to start a business.


For entrepreneurs who want to settle in Canada and perform long-term business there, this is the best program for them. Apart from a great life you will also enjoy the beauty of the country and grow your income multifold.