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The Alberta start-up visa program is an economic immigration program that is for qualified foreign-educated graduates outside Canada who wish to launch their start-up enterprises as well as innovative business in Alberta. There is a different process for you to follow regarding whether you wish to obtain a start-up visa. Every visa type requires documentation that has to be in place and other basic requirements mentioned by the government. Below is information based on the start-up visa program that will give you a head start:


The start-up visa program offers Canadian permanent residency to qualified immigrant entrepreneurs. This program majorly targets innovative entrepreneurs and, after that, links them to a private incubator in Canada that already has an established start-up business. The candidates can claim direct PR once the supporting incubator recommends them, after which the PR comes within 12 months. On the other hand, if you would go to the private sector, you might also have to clear an interview, after which you will get written approval.


Like all categories require a candidate to at least fall into some of the criteria that have been given and are also stagnant for everyone. The start-up visa program eligibility criteria are that you do not require education, the proficiency in English/French should be minimum IELTS 4, and the business plan should be qualifying business, commitment certificate and also letter of support from the designated entity, sufficient unencumbered, available and also transferable settlement funds. Only once you suffice, the above eligibility is when you can apply for the stream.


When you fall under this category, you must possess some basic documents that have been given by the authority. The required documents that you would need to submit are a resume which would show your work experience and a short description of the applicant role in the proposed venture, a pitch deck it would be a presentation of 10 minutes in the form of slides that would describe you as well as your venture focused on the investor’s needs, along with these you would also have to submit a 3–4-page business case that showcases your business plan and simultaneously projects your finances as well.


After you have checked your eligibility and have the required documents to present your case, you will have to then submit the application form duly filled by you. The application form must be filled out, and you should make sure that all the information that has been put there is true to your knowledge because if you lack in filling the full form or give false information, your application will get rejected.


The Alberta foreign graduate start-up visa stream also referred to as FGSVS, is a basic program that allows the nominated talented individuals from outside of Canada to become permanent residents of the country. Any applicant can attain so by launching a start-up business in Alberta, and they are good to go ahead.