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Spousal and Common Law Partner Sponsorship Program for Immigration to Canada

If you become a permanent resident (PR) of Canada or a Canadian citizen, and looking forward to sponsor your family members, you can have chances to apply for that thorough Spousal and Common-Law Partner Sponsorship Program. It becomes a subsection that belongs to the Family Class immigration category. Canada offers the most generous family reunification program in the world. The Canadian government is dedicated to keeping all family members together whenever possible and give priority to sponsorship application processes.

If you are living in Canada as a PR or citizen of the country and you wish to bring your close family members in Canada, first you need to ensure eligibility of a sponsor and sponsored person(s). You can assist your spouse, a conjugal partner or a common law partner to become a permanent resident of Canada by applying under the Spousal Sponsorship Category. A relationship of the sponsor with a sponsored person also includes same-sex marriage as well as same-sex partners.

Either your sponsored are living in the country or outside Canada, you can sponsor them. The Canadian visa offices give top priority for the process of the family class applications. You must need the approval of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to get a visa under this category.

Sponsor’s Requirement

There is some requirement for sponsors to get eligible for this program.

  • The sponsor must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident living in the Canada.
  • He/she cannot be under a removal order (if a PR), bankrupt, in prison or convict with a serious offence.
  • The sponsor must be of minimum 18 years old or more.
  • He/She can not be Canadian sponsored as a spouse in the last five years.

The Sponsored Person’s Requirement

  1. ) He/she must be of age 16 years or above.
  2. ) A sponsored person must not close relatives of the sponsor.

Moreover, it also needs to prove the relationship amongst the sponsor and the sponsored person(s) as follow.

Spouse: The sponsored person and the sponsor need to be legally married. A valid marriage certificate from the territory or province where they get married for sponsors who married within Canada.  Those who get married in Canada with same-sex also considered as legal marriage. Same-sex marriages outside Canada are not eligible under Canadian federal law and will be considered under conjugal partner or the common-law partner category.

Common-law Partner: It required to live together continuously for minimum one year to prove relationship as a Common-law partner. In case of absences for family reasons or business is considered as valid.

Conjugal Partner: it can be either same-sex or opposite sex and defined as a conjugal partner if they had a mutually dependent relationship for a minimum one year with a similar commitment level as a common-law union or a marriage. It needs to require demonstrating an intimacy or emotional ties, financial closeness that includes mutual financial support, combined asset ownership and spending of time together.

There are many other criteria essential to consider before applying for Spousal/Common Law Partner Sponsorship. The sponsor has to take responsibility of the sponsored persons for at least three years after they [sponsored person(s)] becomes permanent residents.

You can check your eligibility through online assessment form freely available on the official website of the Canadian government for immigration. For successful visa process you can consult any reliable and expert visa consultant with profound knowledge of recent rules and regulations of visa processes.