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Provincial Nomination Program – Saskatchewan

The province of Saskatchewan on the western part of Canada is considered to be one of the Prairie Provinces that are boastful of its booming economy and population. Saskatchewan is also known to have a high traffic of immigrants, workers, and graduates from around the world. The province’s agricultural paradise is the one of the cause of the country’s rapid economic growth. Moreover, forestry and fishing are the main industries across the province. Saskatchewan is also home of some of the best cities of Canada: Saskatoon and Regina.

In this age of commercialization a lot of foreign nationals or even non-Saskatchewan is planning to migrate and work. Thus, the Provincial Nomination Program of Saskatchewan is designed to aid and hasten the permanent residency application of prospects in the province. This nomination program has three immigration categories. The three categories are the International Skilled Worker Category, the Saskatchewan Experience Category, and Entrepeneur and Farm Category. Below are the list of sub-categories and requirements that are needed in the application.

International Skilled Worker Category

This category is created for applicants who are skilled workers and are planning to live and work in the province of Saskatchewan. In this category, the applicants are measured based on a point system. By this year, the program is accepting 250 applicants under this category that has no job offer. The applicant must be able to have proof of legal status in Canada even if he or she is a foreign national. The applicant should also score at least 60 points on a 100 point assessment grid. Moreover, the applicant should have sufficient work experience for the past ten years that are relevant to the applied job. In terms of language abilities, the applicant must score a minimum of CLB 4. Once again, the job must be from an approved Saskatchewan employer and it is permanent and full-time. The applicant must have at least completed post-secondary education of at least one year in length. A settlement fund and plan must be presented during the application.

Saskatchewan Experience Category

This allows employers to allow their experienced workers in their aim for permanent residency in Saskatchewan. This category is applicable for foreign workers who are currently living in Saskatchewan. Thus category has multiple sub-categories as discussed below.

1.) Existing Work Permit Sub-Category. This sub-category is for applicants that have been working in the province for at least six months under a valid work permit or a working holiday visa. Thus, it must be clear that the applicant is of legal status in Canada. They must not be refugee claimants.

2.) Health Professions Sub-Category. As the title of the category dictates, this pertains to professionals and workers serving under health care. These applicants could be a physician, a nurse, etc. for at least six months. They should prove their accreditation as well as the job offer is valid and legal as well.

3.) Hospitality Sector Pilot Project. This stream is created for applicants that are working as food and beverage servers, food counter attendants, kitchen helpers, or housekeeping and cleaning staff for at least six months. An approval from the province of Saskatchewan is required before the applicants starts to work.

4.) Long Haul Truck Drivers Sub-Category. This sub-category is designed for individuals who are currently working as a driver for an approved trucking firm in Saskatchewan. Also, the work must be at least six months.

5.) Students Sub-Category. Graduates from a recognized post-secondary institution in Canada with a diploma or degree are welcome to apply in this Nomination Program. The applicant must also have at least six months work experience. The job offer must be qualified with the rules and standards of the province. Moreover, the applicant must meet language requirements.

Entrepreneur and Farm Category

This category is designed for individuals who wish to start a business in Saskatchewan by investing capital, talent, skills, and management. Also, the applicant may be a farmer with farming experience who wants to farm in the Province. There are three different categories under this stream.

1. Entrepreneur

2. Farm Owners/Operators

3. Young Farmers

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