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Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

Quebec Immigrant Investor program to Canada

Quebec has its own distinctive immigration investor program that offers Permanent Resident Visa and related benefits to the immigrants. No matter you migrate to Canada under Quebec Immigrant Investor Program or Federal Immigrant Investor Program – you would get benefits of an unconditional permanent resident visa to Canada.

Patel Canada Visa Consultancy ’s Quebec Immigrant Investor program specialists would organize all government forms/mandatory paper work and submit them to the BIQ Hong Kong (or the office in Montreal) along with the necessary application processing fee.

Please note that Quebec’s Immigrant Investor Program favors the unconditional entry of investors and their family as PR residents in the province of Quebec. Under this program, the potential investors who agree to fulfill the mandates are eligible to obtain an unconditional Permanent Resident status in Quebec.

Patel Canada Visa Consultancy, with oodles of expertise, would conduct a prior assessment of your case, a successful scrutiny of which would mean that the application process can be started at the next go! Those qualified for other programs other than Quebec’s Immigrant Investor Program would be guided accordingly.

Application Process for Quebec Immigrant Investor program to Canada

With investment as one of the essentials, the applicant needs to ensure that each stride is kept in a precise manner, removing the minutest hassles, if any! Patel Canada Visa Consultancy, in alliance with an authentic and approved finan cial intermediary would cater to all the authorizations required, once an application is signed with us. Here is the division of non-refundable processing fee that would be paid along with the application:

  • Principal applicant (Investor) : $ 3,899
  • Spouse or common law partner : $ 152
  • Each dependent : $ 152

After successfully filling the application form under the Quebec Immigrant Investor program to Canada and submitting all the required documents, you must gear yourself for the scheduled interview, which is one the trickiest affairs while applying for Quebec’s Immigrant Investor Program. Therefore, Patel Canada Visa Consultancy’s specialists would provide the miniature of grains of the entire interview process and see to it that Canadian attorney is present with you during the procedure.

There are three different possibilities as regards interview under Quebec Immigrant investor program

  • Interview can be held in Montreal;
  • Interview can be held in Hong Kong;
  • BIQ can waive off the interview.

Next comes the “Investment.” Just like Canadian Federal Immigrant Investor Program, it is essential for the applicant to sign an agreement, hence committing to make a 100% assured passive investment of $ 800,000. It would be done for a span of five years and following two options can be chosen to make the investment:

      • Deposit the entire figure – with Government of Canada – through an approved financial intermediately and the same would be returned to the applicant after five years – without interest.


  • One can opt to make investment through the financing option offered by Desjardins, amongst the top financial institutions in the world. Under this option, the applicant will make an initial deposit of CAD 180,000/- and the rest deposit of CAD 620,000/- would be financed by the financial intermediary. Advisors at Patel Canada Visa Consultancy would recommend this option, keeping the sole benefits of our clients in mind as no demand is made or collateral required after the loan is granted. The Desjardins would further carry out the financial formalities with the Quebec government. In this case, you would not get any money of the deposit- after five years.

After a successful interview, final stage of visa stamping starts. Required steps are taken, along with depositing the below mentioned fee structure with Canadian Consulate:

  1. Federal Fees – after Quebec’s approval (non refundable)
    • Principal applicant (Investor) : $ 1,050
    • Spouse : $ 550
    • Each dependent over 22 years-old : $ 550
    • Each dependent under 22 year-old : $ 150
    • Landing fees : $ 490

*Please note that it is mandatory to submit the Quebec selection certificate while filing the Federal Stage Application for final visa stamping and visa issuance.
*Landing fee is NOT applicable for dependents below 22 years.

Last, but not the least… the applicant must go through all the medical and security checks when applying under the Quebec Immigrant Investor program to Canada. Once approved, the procedure for visa stamping would start.

Eligibility Criteria for Quebec Immigrant Investor program to Canada

Below mentioned are the essential facets to be fulfilled under the Quebec Immigrant Investor program to Canada:

  • It is indispensable to have a minimum net worth of CAD 16, 00,000/-
  • It should be gathered lawfully for you to b eligible for the Quebec Immigrant Investor program to Canada.
  • Must have a minimum of 2 years of experience in the management field in the last five years before the date on which the application is filed.
  • The business through which the experience is gained should be lawful.

Patel Canada Visa Consultancy ‘s experience of handling Quebec’s Immigrant Investor cases says that such mandates are easily met by prospective applicants who own and manage an active business. Just fill our Assessment Form and we shall get back to you ASAP.

If you are hiring the services of a paid consultant for Immigration to Quebec, then such an immigration consultant must be an authorized representative. He must have been authorized by the Quebec Government. The Government of Quebec and related Quebec Immigration office will not deal with non-authorized representatives who are paid a consulting fee for their service.

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