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Provincial Nomination Program – Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island (PEI) is famously coined as the “birthplace of Canada” because of the Charlottetown conference, which led to the formation and independence of Canada. This historical province is composed of the island itself and its surrounding isles. The beautiful territory of Prince Edward Island is adorned with breathtaking views of the farmland and the coastline. Thus, the blooming economy of PEI is mostly focused on agriculture, fishing, and tourism.

The Provincial Nomination Program of PEI was created to help prospective immigrants such as workers, professionals, and in-demand graduates to permanently reside in the province. The Provincial Nomination Program are divided into two major classifications: the Business Impact Category and the Labour Impact Category.

Business Impact Category

The province has allowed individuals who want to invest and manage a business in Prince Edward Island. This category is further classified into three streams.

1.) 100% Ownership Stream. This stream is dedicated for applicants who wish to assume full ownership of an existing PEI business, either by purchasing or not, or start a new PEI business.  Applicants must be in the age of between 21 and 59 years old. The minimum net worth should be at least $600,000. Moreover, the individual must possess at least a high-school level of education and have transferable management skills and past employment. The applicant must also have a minimum of 4.0 on an IELTS English test within the last two years. The detailed business plan must be provided demonstrating intent of active and ongoing management of the business from within PEI. The applicant must sign an escrow agreement containing stipulations on a deposit of $200,000 and make a minimum investment of $150,000.

In addition the business that is of concern must also meet a list of criteria like a for-profit corporation that has a good standingwith the province on all debts and obligations. It should also have itscorporate headquarters in PEI. It should havegood potential for commercial viability and provincial economic benefits. Also, it has assets that have a book value of at least $150,000. Priority is granted for businesses that would increase value-added manufacturing, processing or primary resource activity increase exports of goods or services, increasee destination tourism, tourism attractions, tourism fixed roof accommodation, and increase the province’s technology and commercialization.

2.) Partial Ownership Stream.This stream is intended for individuals who will obtain a third of a PEI business. It could also be that the applicant is going to invest $1,000,000 in the equity of a business. Applicants under this category must be between 21 and 59 years of age that has at least a minimum net worth of $600,000. The applicant should have a transferable management skills and past employment. A detailed business plan demonstrating financial flow and active management of the business must be provided. Then, the applicant must sign an escrow agreement containing stipulations on a deposit of $200,000. The applicants English proficiency must be at least 4 in the IELTS English test. Lastly, partial ownership must refer to making an investment of at least $150,000 in a PEI business for a partial ownership interest of at least 33 1/3% of voting shares, or making a minimum $1 million investment in the company.

3.) Work Permit Stream.  This category was created to help applicant who wants to invest in a business in PEU to transition to  PEI on a work permit prior to receiving provincial nomination. During this time, work permit applicants works in Canada and must learn about the business they are pursuing.

The applicant in this category must have the same requirements as the previous stream except for the signed escrow. Moreover, the applicant must also apply to Employment and Social Development Canada for approval of a work permit for the PEI business that they intend to manage. Also, they should havea signedPerformance Agreement containing stipulation on the business investment that must be satisfied to proceed with nomination

Labour Impact Category

The Labour Impact Category is for applications from individuals who have skills that are greatly in-demand in Prince Edward Island labour impact. This category has two streams that are categorized in the degree of skills possessed.

1. Skilled Worker Stream. This is intended for workers who have been identified or hired by an employer from PEI. The applicants are eligible if they are classified as a skilled worker and have at least a post-secondary degree or diploma. The applicant should be at the age of 21 to 59 years old. The job offered must be full-time and long-term for at least two years.  The applicant must also hold a valid work permit or be legally residing in Canada. The applicant must be able to suffice his or her cost of living in PEI. An IELTS of at least 4 must be obtained by the applicant.  Nevertheless, the applicant must be able to  suffice any documents indicating that the principal language of study or communication was English or French

The employer should also meet federal and provincial standards and industry wage rate. The employer must also be based in PEI. Plus, settlement support must be provided by the employer to the applicant and his or her family. Documentation is provided to demonstrate an effort to recruit qualified Canadians for the position. An interview may be conducted during theprocess of application.

2. Critical Worker Stream. This sub-category is designed for semi-skilled or unskilled workers who are hired by an employer in PEI for a long-term and full-time occupation. The employer on the other hand is also sponsoring the workers for permanent residency. The applicant worker should be between 21 and 59 years of age. Positions such as truck driver, laborer, housekeeping attendant, and food and beverage server are considered in this stream. It is important to have at least worked legally for 6 months full-time for the applying employer. It is required that the applicant has considerable IELTS test result and has graduated from high school. Sufficient funds and experience are also required for settlement in the province.

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