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The solution to bring your parents and grandparents close to you in Canada is parent sponsorship


The Canadian citizens or Canadian residents who wish to relocate their parents or grandparents to Canada to live with them can submit application through Parent sponsorship program. The Canadian federal government has provided an avenue through this program to sponsor the relocation of parents or grandparents of the Canadian citizens or permanent residents to Canada.


Eligibility for parent sponsorship

The sponsor should ensure to meet certain eligibility criteria:

  • The sponsor should be atleast 18 years of age
  • The sponsor should be child or grandchild of the sponsored person
  • The sponsor should be Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • The sponsor should be able to support the parents/grandparent financially


There are certain requirements that the sponsored person should be followed:

  • The sponsored parent or grandparent should submit police certificate to prove no criminal reports
  • The sponsored parent or grandparent should be undergo medical test
  • The sponsored parent or grandparent must be admissible to Canada as a visitor
  • The sponsored parent or grandparent should buy Canadian medical insurance coverage for atleast 1 year


Application procedure

Application for the parent sponsorship has two application procedures to complete:

  • The applicant should become a sponsor
  • The parents or grandparent should apply for PR status


There are different steps to complete the application procedure for parent sponsorship:

1. Submit the interest to sponsor form

Submit online application form showing interest to sponsor. Acceptance of submission is based on first-come-first- serve.

2. Get an invitation to submit a complete application

On receiving the acceptance, submit the completed application form in the same order as the interest to sponsor form was submitted.


Processing time

The parents/grandparents may need to give biometric test after submitting application. The biometric test is also included within processing time. It takes Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) minimum of 20-24 months to process the parent sponsorship application.


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