How Canada Tracks Your Entry and Exit?

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The Entry/Exit program is a joint initiative program between Canada and the United States which helps in the exchange of biographic information of the traveler which is collected at the common land border.

Canada Government has started tracking the entry and exit of an individual. Canada has provided various options for any foreigner to visit the country either temporarily or permanently. There are different types of visa like visitor visa or tourist visa, student visa, work visas, PR visa, Canadian citizenship as well as various sponsorship programs of the dependents to travel to the dreamland.

IRCC now tracks the movement of the travelers from the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) through the Entry-Exit program. CBSA will collect the exit data directly from the airlines if the traveler is leaving the country by Air. The Entry or exist report is generated under this program which will have all the details of the individual such as Complete name, DOB, nationality and citizenship, gender and the visa details.

CBSA can share the Entry and exit information of any individual with Employment and Social Development Canada, Royal Canadian Mountain Police and Canada Revenue Agency for any investigation purpose.


Purpose of the Entry/Exit program

The Canadian Visas such as Canadian Permanent Residency and Citizenship require the individual to complete the residency requirements. The Entry/Exit program under CBSA will be able to confirm if the individual has complied with the set of requirements, basis which IRCC will be able to determine the eligibility of the individual for Canadian Visa.


The information available from the Entry/Exit Program will help IRCC in tracking the number of days an individual spends inside and outside of Canada, which can be used to determine if the individual is eligible for PR status


The information given my CBSA will also be helpful for IRCC to investigate fraud cases related to immigration, travel and citizenship programs.

IRCC uses the entry and exit reports to investigate the travel history of asylum seekers.

The Entry/Exit data will also help in determining if the individual had applied for the visa earlier and the reason for rejection if any.

IRCC can use the information to verify if a candidate has made a false claim about the physical presence in Canada to obtain citizenship.


Traveler’s rights

The Canadian government has given the right to travelers to request a copy of personal travel history through the Privacy Act. If the traveler finds any error in the report, he can submit the request for correction with relevant proof. If the traveler request for correction of passage information, IRCC will, in turn, notify the CBSA to rectify the same in their records.

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