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An opportunity to Stay with your Parents / Grand Parents and Accomplish their Dream

It becomes very difficult for parents to stay alone when their children working or studying in some other country. Now, it’s good news for those parents whose children are working or living in Canada to stay and live with their children through Parents / Grand Parents family class sponsorship program. There are two popular programs through which permanent residents and Canadian citizens may bring their parents as well as grandparents to Canada. These programs are the Super Visa program and/or Family Class sponsorship. Those successful parents as well as grandparents received Canadian permanent residency can also apply for citizenship of Canada after three years of receiving PR.

Eligibility for Sponsor to get Family Class Sponsorship

The sponsors who wish to bring their parents need to meet some basic requirement to get eligible.

  1. ) He/she must be a permanent resident or Canadian citizen with a minimum 18 years of age or above.
  2. ) It is also necessary to sign by the sponsor the responsibility to repay any type of provincial social assistance advantages that is paid to the sponsor and associated family member(s) if any for the 20 year of period, if necessary. [ Quebec sponsors need to sign an additional undertaking]
  3. ) The minimum essential level of income must be exceeds for this program. For married person or a common-law partner, both persons income will be included.
  4. ) To get financial eligibility, the sponsor and cosigner’s income deducted from the amount of the following sources
  5. ) Received province’s social assistance, if any
  6. ) Received provincial allowances for any training or a program of instruction
  7. ) Received amount under the Employment Insurance Act except special benefits
  8. ) Received financial assistance from Canadian government under a resettlement program
  9. ) Received Monthly guaranteed income supplement under the Old Age Security Act

Eligibility for Sponsorship Person(s) to get a Visa

Under this program, parents or grandparents need to meet certain requirements as follows

  • They need to prove that their grandchild or child (sponsor) lives in Canada becomes financially capable under a minimum income requirement
  • At least one year of coverage of valid Canadian medical insurance
  • Require a written statement from the sponsor will give them complete financial support.
  • Need to Attend medical exam of immigration

The person who accomplished above criteria as well as the general criteria under the family sponsorship program will be eligible to sponsor their grandparents and parents as a permanent resident of Canada. Now, with the availability of super visa option, parents and grandparents can visit Canada for two years without any need to renew their visa.

If you have any doubt to apply under which program to sponsor your parents and grandparents, you can consult any reputed visa consultant who can comprehend your visa requirement and guide properly to apply under specific visa program.