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Child Under 18 Sponsorship – Effectual Sponsorship Program for Family Reunification

The Canadian immigration system gives priorities to family reunification. To accomplish this goal, the Family Class Sponsorship Program fulfills dreams of many Canadian citizens and permanent residents by approving immigration of their family members. Of course, to get immigration, sponsor as well as the sponsored family member(s) has to be eligible based on the requirement of the immigration system in Canada. If you are looking for Child under 18 Sponsorship for your child you can apply under the Family Class Sponsorship program in Canada.

To live with their parents as a dependent child both Adopted as well as Natural child can be sponsored in Canada as Permanent residents. In the family class immigration, the child sponsorship program is its subsection.

Requirement of Sponsor for Sponsorship of Dependent Child

For the sponsorship of a dependent child, there are some requirements for the sponsor as follows.

  • A Canadian citizen or a permanent resident (PR) of Canada living in Canada.
  • The sponsor must be of 18 years age or older
  • Cannot be in bankrupt, prison, convict with a serious offence or under a removal order (for a PR)

Requirements for the Sponsored Person:

  • Below the age of 19 years
  • Not a common-law partner or a spouse
  • before the age of 19 years, he/she become (an ongoing) fulltime student and significantly depended on the parent for the financial support
  • For child with age of 19 years or older
  • He/she become a partner or spouse before the age of 19 years or
  • A full-time (an ongoing) student since before 19 years age
  • And significantly depended on the parent for the financial support since they became a partner or spouse.
  • An age of the child is 19 years or older and become substantially depend on the parent for the financial support since before 19 years age and also become not able to be self supporting financially by the reason of a mental or physical condition.

Nature of the Relationship Requirement

To get eligible under the family sponsorship program, the sponsored person must

  • Be the biological child of the parent (if the child is not becoming adopted by a person other than common law partner or the spouse) or
  • The adopted child of sponsor person (the parent).

In addition, sister or brother, niece or nephew, granddaughter or grandson, if she/he is an orphan, unmarried or not a common-law partner and under 18 years of age, he/she can also apply under this program.

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