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Tourist visa or visitor visa is also called a Temporary Resident Visa. It is the official document issued by the Canadian visa office that is attached in the travel document, passport. The tourist visa shows that the visitor or the traveler meets the entire requirement needed to enter Canada as a temporary resident. The individual who wishes to explore the diverse culture, visit the holiday destinations in the country would need a Tourist visa.


Eligibility and Requirements

The visitor visa is given to the tourist or traveler who intends to spend the vacation in the country. But the visitor or traveler should ensure to meet the certain criteria are:

  • Should have a valid passport
  • Should have received a letter of invitation from the resident in Canada
  • Should complete medical examination
  • Depending on the duration of stay the visitor should carry enough fund to stay
  • Should not have criminal or immigration-related conviction
  • The visitor should be able to convince the immigration officer that the visitor will return at the end of the trip because of the work or family commitment at home country

Visitors can stay for up to 6 months in Canada under a visitor visa. When the visitor enters Canada, the border service officer at the port of entry will enter a date to leave Canada in the passport. They will also give a visitor record document which will have the date the visitor should leave Canada. It the stamp is not given in the passport, the visitor may stay for six months from the day he entered Canada or until the passport expires, whichever is earliest.


Application procedure

Tourist visa can be applied online or on paper. Canada tourist visa online application can be submitted along with the documents and will be processed quickly. The status of the Canada tourist visa application will be updated in the online account created by the applicant.

To qualify for the tourist visa, the visitor should prove to the Canadian visa officers that they are suitable for the visa. The candidate should be able to prove the intension, duration, financial status, and the reason to return to the visa officers.

The visitor should attend the interview with the official in the applicant’s country, complete the biometric test and submit police certificate. If the application is approved visa will be stamped in the passport and if refused an explanation will be sent.


Processing time

The processing time of visitor visa or tourist visa depends upon the country application is submitted and the visa office. If the application is submitted within Canada, it usually takes 14-21 days for online application and 21-28 days for paper-based application.


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