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Business Visa Immigration- Investor Visa Canada

An Opportunity to Get Immigration to Canada with a managerial Experience or as an Entrepreneur

Canada proffers lots of opportunities to people with skill, courage and money helpful for the growth of the country’s economy. There are several categories that give you opportunity for immigration to Canada in which Business Visa is one of the fast-track options for people to get Permanent Residency.

Individuals with managerial experience or having business with the capabilities to provide his/her contribution in the growth of the Canadian economy gets more chances of business immigration. There are many possibilities to choose to start or acquire a business in the country. If you have decided any territory or province to reside, you can apply under the PNP business immigration program otherwise you can apply under the Quebec business immigration program.

If you are looking for make investment in Canada, there are three options for this visa

  • Business Visa for Investors [Federal and Quebec Investor]
  • Business Visa for Entrepreneurs
  • Business Visa for Self-Employment

Business Visa for Investors

There are possibilities to get permanent residents in Canada if the immigrant investor scheme allows individuals with the following requirements

  • If an applicant can provide proof having a net worth of C$1,600,00 (legally obtained).
  • An applicant requires at least two years of a minimum business experience.
  • An applicant has the capability to make an investment of C$800,000 which is refundable.

Business Visa for entrepreneurs

It provides an excellent opportunity to entrepreneurs to establish or expand their business in the country like Canada. To get eligibility for Investor Visa in Canada, an individual must have experience of business that they owned or want to acquire or establish that will generate a minimum one incremental job. Moreover, an individual also requires at least CAD$300,000 net worth (legally obtained).

Business visa for Self-employment

Under the scheme for Self-Employed Persons, an individual can apply to get business or investor visa in Canada. It requires proving one of the following relevant experiences by applicants

  • Self-employment in athletics or cultural activities
  • Participation in athletics or cultural activities at a world-class level
  • Experience in Farm management

For potential immigrants, there is also a point-based selection system used by the immigration department. Other qualifying occupations comprise journalism, arts, librarianship, film and broadcasting (technical skills). It requires at least 35 points to qualify for this visa under this category.

There are different criteria to get eligibility for Investor Visa for Federal and Quebec. It is essential to check a table that mentioned minimum investment/experience/deposit required, processing time, processing fees and other essential criteria for any particular province or territory and category you want to apply for Canadian Business Visa.

You can get proficient assistant, if you hire any reliable visa consultant. They can help you to navigate your process for immigration to Canada in the perfect direction that’s best suited to your needs.