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Application Process and Waiting Period

Canada Visa Application Process and Waiting Period

On 26th June 2010, the Government of Canada issued ministerial instructions whereby to be eligible, the principal applicant must have worked for at least one year in the past 10 in one of the listed occupations that are considered “open” for Canadian immigration as a skilled worker under the federal program.

Please keep in mind that no more than 1,000 applications will be considered under any one occupation from among the listed occupations.

Step 1 – Filing at CIO office in Nova Scotia, Canada

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has established a centralised Intake office (CIO) in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The primary purpose of this centre is to do the initial screening of application for Canadian permanent resident visa under the Canadian federal worker class and decide whether or not the applicant will meet the selection criteria under the point based system. The applicant is permitted to file his application for step 2 only if against a positive CIO recommendation.

At this stage, the applicant submits the duly filled application form with application fee and required documents including IELTS report, Police clearance certificates, Academic transcripts, Marriage registration certificate, Passport copies of all family members, Employment reference letters, Evidence of settlement funds and many others.

Following information is critical to a resulting positive assessment by CIO, Citizenship and Immigration, Canada.

  • Identification of the one of the listed occupations and related NOC(National occupational classification) for which you are claiming to be qualified in;
  • Explaining grounds on which you meet the requirements of the claimed NOC
  • Providing correct and required information in application forms that can be supported by documents when required;
  • Explaining why and how you meet the minimum pass mark requirement;
  • Overall explaining how you meet the requirements of Immigration ACT and regulations

Our office will be pleased to advise you of the time saving ways of meeting these very extensive documentation requirements in the shortest possible time frames. Earliest you get documents ready, better are the chances that your application will be among first 1000 applications under designated occupation. Please note that even one missing or misrepresented or incomplete document will mean return of your application without processing and thereby chance in the queue.

Centralised Intake office (CIO) in Nova Scotia, Canada shall advice whether or not you meet the prescribed selection criteria or not. If not qualified, then the processing fee will be refunded.

If qualified, your application will be forwarded to the appropriate visa post for further processing. Further processing implies filing for required approval to the nearest – appropriate Jurisdiction visa post- of the applicant.

Step II- Filing at Canadian visa post 

At this stage

  • The applicant will provide all required and supporting documents and information that the process requires.
  • He is required to undergo medical formalities
  • He will provide any other fee to the high commission that is applicable to his case.
  • He must submit valid passports for all family members who form part of the application for visa stamping.
  • He must provide any other information or documents that the high commission feels is necessary to take a final decision on his application.

This will be followed by issuance required authorisation documents that will confirm approval and acceptance of his permanent residence visa application and visa will be stamped.

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada clearly defines which Immigration consultant can represent an application, on behalf of clients, with the department. The department calls them authorized representatives, and among them are the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants who are members in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (www.iccrc-crcic.ca). Ensure that, if you are hiring a paid immigration consultant, he/she is an authorized representative to represent you with Citizenship and Immigration Canada and other Canadian Government agencies.