Alberta PNP Program

Alberta PNP program? Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) is a uniquely designed economic immigration program that helps people to get permanent residence in Alberta. Earlier, this program was known as Alberta PNP program or (AINP program), which changed to AAIP on Feb 16, 2022.
How does the Alberta PNP program work?
The applicant needs to be eligible in one of the following streams mentioned below and, after that, needs to apply online for the Alberta nomination. Qualified candidates are nominated, which gives them 600 points to apply for permanent residency.
What are the Program Streams in Alberta? (Brief about the programs)
Alberta Opportunity Stream: This is for temporary foreign workers having a full-time Job offer from an Alberta LMIA approved employer in an eligible occupation. In this system, the processing time is usually longer. Alberta Express Entry Stream – Accelerated Tech Pathway: In this express entry stream, the candidate needs a minimum of 300 points and a permanent written job offer from an Alberta employer to meet the criteria. Alberta can nominate limited qualified candidates who have shown significant bonds with Alberta and help in Government’s economic development through Alberta PNP program. This also includes the Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway, which expedites the processing for candidates who have express entry profiles and are employed or have a bona fide job offer in an eligible tech occupation with an Alberta-based tech industry employer. Rural Renewal Stream: This stream is developed to attract and retain newcomers to rural Alberta. It aims to develop the local economic needs, create job opportunities, and support its economic growth. Candidate needs to have an EDO-approved job offer to the employer and work experience of 12 months in the past 18 months. Rural Entrepreneur Stream: The stream allows Alberta to nominate qualified and capable entrepreneurs who want to start a new or buy an existing business in a rural Alberta community. Candidate needs to have a good 3-4 years of business-related experience along with an ECA report with minimum high school level education and language requirement of CLB 4 and higher. Alberta Graduate Entrepreneur Stream: This stream offers opportunities to qualified foreign graduates from Alberta post-secondary institutions who have completed a minimum of 2-3 year of the course and needs to have a 34% minimum partnership in any Alberta business to qualify for this stream for permanent residency. Farm Stream: This stream is specially designed for entrepreneurs with farm management experience who wish to start a new business or acquire an existing farm in Alberta. Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur stream: This is an economic program for qualified graduates from outside Canada who want to start new businesses, start-ups, or innovative businesses in Alberta. The candidate must be graduated after the year 2012.
Primary factors to increase the chances of eligibility in Alberta PNP program letter or a nomination
Here are a few key points that can increase your chance of NOI.
    1. 1. Job offers in Alberta
    1. 2. Graduation from an Alberta or another Canadian post-secondary institution
    1. 3. A parent, child, brother, or sister who is a Canadian citizen or PR and who is living in Alberta
    1. 4. First language - French
Factors that decrease the chances of eligibility in Alberta PNP program:
Some key points can reduce the chances of nomination.
    1. 1. The expiry timeline for the EE profile is five months
    1. 2. The primary occupation which is in the Ineligible Occupation List of Alberta Opportunity Stream
    1. 3. High volume submission in the pipeline with AAIP in your primary NOC
Alberta PNP program is the unique and most convenient program for people who wish to get permanent residence in Alberta and pursue their careers. This is a win-win condition for both entities, and the system offers enormous support to the applicants from beginning to end.