Alberta Express Entry – Everything you should know

Alberta Express Entry Alberta is one of the largest and most beautiful provinces in Canada. Encircled by the mountains and verdure forests with cool winters and warm summers, this region attracts people from all over the world. In fact, it has become one of the most fascinating immigrant destinations owing to its tourism, oil, and finance fields, good quality of life, and job opportunities. The province has a government-run Nominee Program named as the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) that helps the prospective immigrants with the relevant skills and experience in getting an Alberta Provincial Nomination Certificate that gradually helps in pacing up the overall immigration process. Now, you must be wondering what else attracts the people from other countries and makes them stay here permanently! The abundant natural resources help in keeping the personal tax rate at its lowest in the province. There are various exemptions available to the tax payers, resulting in the lowest payment of taxes. This leaves them with more money in hand and hence, spending them for their families. All this keeps its residents in an advantageous position. Moreover, the low crime rate in the province makes the people safe to stay for longer and its infrastructure is also quite sound. Its high quality services and educational opportunities fascinate students from all over the world. It features 6 universities, 13 colleges, and uncountable trade schools. In fact, the most prestigious university of Canada is right here in Alberta (the University of Alberta). Now, if you are a student, employee, or a businessman and are interested in migrating to Alberta, you must be looking for all the formalities and programs to apply. Go ahead to read about the Immigrant Program of Alberta.
About The Alberta Immigration Nominee Program
Alberta express entry is a stream of the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program which also is a Provincial Nominee Program that is operated by the province of Alberta. The express entry stream selects candidates from the federal express entry pool ( Alberta express entry draw system )and it also invites them to apply for nomination by province. A major number of the participating provinces and territories at least have one PNP system that is aligned with the federal express entry system. All this is just to reduce the backlog as well as processing delays that are currently affecting the resident application. In January the IRCC had held two Alberta express entry draws and has also invited more than 1400 PNP candidates who fell under the express entry program. Below are some points mentioned about the express entry scheme: As of January, Alberta had released results of two Alberta express entry draws that have been held through the Alberta Immigrant nominee program. This province had invited around 150 candidates that had applied for a provincial nomination on December 14 and the rest 250 candidates later on January 5 under the Alberta express entry stream. Later on, on 13 January the government of Alberta had also introduced the new accelerated tech pathway for tech professionals all over form Canada and overseas.